Graham Brace - Pembrokeshire artist, welsh landscape artist, sea scape artist and coloured pencil artists
Graham Brace - Pembrokeshire artist, Wales
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Graham Brace - one of Pembrokeshire's leading Landscape Artists and Seascape Artists

"Graham Brace is one of the leading lights in art in wales and one of the most talented seascape artists and landscape artists in the UK.
His artwork is so realistic and full of life, emotion and that certain quality of light that is essentially Pembrokeshire.
Definitely one of the most gifted Welsh coloured pencil artists." ... Ben Edom, Musician and Fan

"What an inspiration your work is - I love every pencil mark of it. The last time I did any art work was when I was 16 and living in Bristol.
I am now 42 and the other month I put pencil to paper once again. Thank you for sharing your work on line - it is beautiful." ... Rachel

"I had to contact you - I have just found your website and am truly amazed by your work. How on Earth did you learn to draw/paint like you do?
You say that you use pencil crayon yet by looking at your work - I cannot see lines. How do you blend the colours?
Do you use the watercolour pencil crayons or normal ones. I love drawing and have tried to paint using watercolour
but always seem to completely ruin my drawings by doing so and I get so frustrated by it that I put everything away
and don't bother again for a few years only to find the same thing happens.
How long does it take you to complete a piece of work? I live in Goodwick near Fishguard and have so much beautiful countryside around me
that I would love to capture but get so frustrated. Any words of advice would be welcome. Many thanks." ... Izzy

"I have got the picture (all in one piece!) and it is fantastic! You've done a wonderful job and I am sure that Natalie will love it - I know that I do!
Once again, thank you so much... I really am over the moon with how it's turned out." ... Sam

"The print arrived safe & sound and looks absolutely beautiful. Many thanks again." ... Sally

"I am so pleased with my pictures and keep moving them from one place to another that I am tempted to order some more,
I have some old prints that have been hanging on my walls for 28 years - it's time they went!!
My partner came down last night and saw the pictures for the first time and he was very impressed both with the pictures
and the framing so I will go back to your website and go through the prints again, no promises but you never know.
Actually, I like very much some of your pictures that were private commissions but I guess there is no chance of them being printed.
Best wishes." ... Donna, (Perth, Australia)

"Dear Graham, This year we go to Ireland. Next year we go to Scotland. We then would like to visit you again.
We will contact you early enough in advance. So thank you again for the beautiful picture and the prints.
We and all our friends really find it fantastic. Best regards." ... Rolf, (Germany)

Landscape Artists Biography - Graham Brace

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